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(This page is in reference to The Bard's Tale (NES))

Adventurers' Guild

The Adventurers' Guild is home to the few remnants who dare to oppose Mangar. The Guildmaster presents you with choices to create and modify your party and settings:


Leave Guild: Head out to Skara Brae, must have one member in party.

Check Status:  Check party members stats, level, exp, gold, etc.

Share Gold: Split gold amongst all members in party.

Save: Saves parties information.

Party: Goes to Party options, same as pressing B Button

Speed: Set message speed (Both field and battle) as Slow, Mid, or Fast.

Party Options:[]

Add Member: Add member to your party.

Remove Member: Remove member from party, and is place into the guild (does not delete member.)

Break Up: Places all members in party into the guild. (Saves information like 'Save' option. Does not delete members)

Name Party: Names party and keeps a list of the party, keeping the members in party order for a later use.           

(Instead of adding each individual party member again, members can be accessed in their order by choosing the new party name. Ex: Add member * 'ATEAM'

Other Members: Check other guild members stats, level, exp, gold, etc.

Create: select from four options.

  • Create: Select new members class, and agree to his/her stats.
  • Change Name: Rename Party or members placed in guild.
  • Delete: Permanently deletes member or party name from guild.
  • Done: Goes back to Party Options.

Done: Goes back to Settings/Options