The Bard's Tale Wiki

Some ideas for gaining enough experience and gold that a party wipe won't make you start over.

  • The Bard's Heal song works during a party attack. If you initiate a party attack and have all characters defend except the Bard, and have him play the Kilnfest song, you can heal one HP per round on each injured character. Continue defending as many rounds as you like. One song can heal the entire party.
  • The Samurai statue creates a special foe. It doesn't matter how many hit points he has if you can hit him twice in the same round. A level one Monk can hit him consistently. Consider creating two Hobbit Monks with max dex, just to repeatedly take out the Samurai without receiving much damage. Once your monks get to level 4, one will usually kill it first thing. You can replace one of your monks with a more long-term character.
  • Avoid Barbarians if at all possible.
  • Once you get a magician up to level 3, you can keep the Mystic Shield up. You also can cast Star Flare, which might save your bacon if you happen to meet 8 Barbarians and can't run from them. Star Flare is a quick way to get money and experience in town. Just run between two buildings until you get a random encounter. If it isn't Barbarians or Magicians (who tend to wither you--expensive!) you can take on anything else. If it's more than 3 or 4 monsters, Star Flare them and rake in the gold.
  • Your ability to successfully run from monsters is determined by your slot 1 character. It depends on his character class, character level, and luck attribute. Luck has a HUGE impact. If your level 1 party has a hobbit with max (17) luck in slot 1, you will be able to avoid most potential party wiping encounters in town.
  • The amount of gold you receive from an encounter is somewhat random, but also affected by the number of foes you defeat, and the level of the dungeon. You get twice as much reward in town at night as in the daytime. Also better drops. If your party can survive zombies and wolves, try staying out in town overnight and rake in the treasure.