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Baylor's Spell Bind is a spell that a Wizard acquires when reaching spell level 5 (caster level 9):

Spell Code SP Cost Affects Duration
SPBI 14 1 Foe ---

"This spell if successful possesses the mind of any enemy, forcing him to join your party and fight in its defense."

While expensive, this spell will allow players to choose a monster to fight for the party from a random combat encounter, versus waiting for one to randomly offer to join the party in a dungeon, or alternately summoning a real or illusionary monster to fight. Unfortunately, monsters in the Special slot cannot be saved to disk like party members.


At present, it is uncertain what factors influence the success of Baylor's Spell Bind; possibilities include caster level, monster resistance, etc. It is also uncertain whether hitting the creature in combat prior to casting will block Baylor's Spell Bind from working, much as Party Attacking a non-illusionary monster will turn it against the party.