(This page is in reference to The Bard's Tale (NES))

Wine CellarEdit

Wine Cellar2
"Help yourself..." - Barkeep

The Cellar is the first dungeon in Tales of The Unknown. The Cellar is fairly linear, consisting of four small rooms, two of which promise cheap and good grape juice. at 13E 11N, you find that "There is no grape juice."
Wine Cellar3

Amongst the empty bottles littered on the floor lie monsters more dangerous than ones found in the city. The room to the southeast, before the door at 16E 6N, where "A cold wind is blowing from somewhere." lies the way to the Sewers of Skara brae.

  • 1E 3N - "You are in the cellar of the Scarlet Bard. It smells moldy."
  • 2E 4N - "The light of the shop reaches here, but you need another light to go forward"
  • 13E 10N - "Letters are written on the door: Good grape juice. Private"
  • 5E 10N  - "Letters are written on the door: Cheap grape juice. Help yourself."


  • Orc
  • Goblin
  • Sorcerer
  • Orc Leader
  • Spider
  • Hobgoblin
  • Skeleton

Key Battles: None.



The sewers lie underneath the city of Skara Brae. The layout almost perfectly imitates that of the city above.

  • A Magic Mouths speak of Tarjan at 7E 11N.

" 100 years ago there was a wicked wizard named Tarjan, who proclaimed himself Ruler. His image is locked in stone until made whole again. The heretics are men who adore and meditate to Tarjan. '"

Magic Mouth

At 16E 15N, another Magic Mouth will tell of the Old King of Skara Brae.

" Aildrek, the old King of Skara Brae, is buried in the town. Enter the Catacombs from the Temple of the heretics and search for his tomb. "

  • 14E 1N - "This is a Sewer which sprawls beneath Skara Brae. Moisture fills the air."
  • 13E 3N holds a random battle.
  • 14E 7N - "Upstairs is the Adventurers' Guild. You can hear loud voices and music."
  •  9E 4N lies the Black Widow, leading to 10E 2N, The HereticProof.

  • 1E 2N leads to the stairs to southwest side of Skara Brae, where Mangar's Tower is located, and a Mangar Guard blocks to way to the rest of the city.
    Heretic Proof

  • Note: Spiders and Tarantulas are the most difficult enemy in the sewers due to their  dexterity. they are hard to hit, and even harder to run away from, even with high level characters.


  • Goblin
  • Sorcerer
  • Orc Leader
  • Spider
  • Hobgoblin
  • Skeleton
  • Tarantula
  • Black Widow

Key Battle: Black Widow

The Black Widow has amazing dexterity, allowing it to easily avoid both magical and physical attacks, while issuing its own physical attack that can inflict poison. Novice sorcerers should rely on Battle Skill and Instant Wolf, Wizards cast Word of Healing and Corrosion, and Bards sing Falkentyne's Fury.

Black Widow

To The Temple of the Heretics!