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The Chambers of Bashar Kavilor
Vital statistics
Type Dungeon
Level 2
Location Catacombs Level 2
Inhabitants Bashar Kavilor, Sphynx, wights

"A sign proclaims that you have entered the chambers of Bashar Kavilor, High Priest. Prepare to die!"

This section that can be found on level 2 of the Catacombs beneath the Temple of the Mad God.


Obviously, the Mad God's high priest, Bashar Kavilor, wanted to reside in style, so he moved into his temple's catacombs. Like everywhere else in the catacombs, bones are jutting out of the earth here.


The area is approached from the north. An anti-magic field is located in front of a door.

The rest of the room's 3x3 squares is indeed riddled with traps. Luckily, TRZP will work.

There are uninteresting rooms to the west, and a darkness zone to the south which eventually leads to Bashar Kavilor.


Apart from the trap room, the darkness zone and Bashar Kavilor's room, there are three more points of interest in this area.

  • A small room behind a secret door, where a voice from no where proclaims: "To the tower fly / A mad one die / once lost the eye"
  • A small room with 49 Wights
  • The chamber of Bashar Kavilor's pet dragon, Sphynx

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