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Crystal Sword
Vital statistics
Type +1 Magic Weapon

Damage 2d16

Effects Will leave the Crystal Golem in pieces
Source Found in the Jabberwock room
Cost to buy 500
Cost to sell 250

In Tales of the Unknown, the Crystal Sword can be found in the first level of Baron Harkyn's Castle. A special monster, the Jabberwock, has to be killed first. The Crystal Sword is a formidable blade in its own right, but it is also the only weapon that can kill the Crystal Golem in Kylearan's Tower.

The Crystal Sword can be wielded by a Warrior, Paladin, Bard, or Hunter.



  • The Crystal Sword can be "stolen" without fighting the Jabberwock by using Phase Door to get into the chamber where it's held from another side, bypassing the door the Jabberwock guards.

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