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Location: By the Houton's well.Owner: the Bard. Age: Unknown. Gender: Male. (since the Bard calls him a good boy when he digs up some loot underground.)

The Dog is a new ally that'll join your party if you want to when you pick the good Mood and he'll fight for the Bard in battles and will dig up some loot underground when if you hear him growl you must walk up to him and he'll dig up something useful. But when you first get him he won't fight enemies so he stays away from them but he will attack enemies when you unlock the Dog Training Skill when you level up. The Dog never dies in battles but instead he gets stun for a few seconds until he recovers then he'll just keep fighting.

Features about The Dog:[]

Ghost dog

The Undead Ghost Dog.

It's fur color is black and white and it does look like a little puppy when you first meet it. When you unlock the Dog Training Skill The Dog will soon appear with a red spike collar on it's neck meaning that it'll follow the Bard's commands like does the same like the Bard's summons do. After a few Levels which when you make it to Greenland, Southern Plains where you meet some groups of Druid's with Mackay and when the cut scene is almost done a huge flying creature which it's a Boss name The Pet comes down and crushes The Dog which it killed him. But when you go through MacRath's Dungeon where your Mission is to find the Shadow Axe. You need to find and enter into a Moon Portal which you'll be in Lord Merrimont's Divination Chamber where you meet the Spirit that want's the Bard to light up five torches and see who is waiting for the Bard. And when you did light up the torches their would be a huge bloody orb in the middle of the blood pool and when it clears The Dog is there back alive. But The Dog is different when he looks like a half Skeleton, half Ghost, and you can barely see his spike collar on his neck. But he is still in your party now and does what he has to do to help the Bard to continue his adventure.