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The Dragon Song is a ballad that can be sung to the party in the Bard's Hall in Celaria Bree. It is about a showdown between Hawkslayer and the Rainbow Dragon:

Dragon, Dragon, Why do you lair?

Unfurl your wings, Take to the air! Soar high above, Far away fly!

Or is that where, You wish to die?

Hawkslayer, Hawkslayer, Why do you ask?

Killing me is a difficult task. My claws are sharp, my fangs sharper yet. And my breath flames, let us

not forget.

Dragon, Dragon, Thou art quite strong. Your scales

are bright and talons quite long, But a duty I have and it is clear: Whatever it takes, I will drive

you from here.

Hawkslayer, Hawkslayer,

Such a brief life. Have you no wish to again see your wife? Imagine her tears and grief and despair,

Walk away from the fight, you have not a prayer.

Dragon, Dragon,

How wise thou art. A massive beast with suck a kind heart. I do wish to kiss my wife and my heir, Pray,

fly to the mountains and await me there.

Hawkslayer, Hawkslayer,

I thought you were brave. Here I await you, deep in this cave. Come, little man, and I'll eat your brain,

Then ravage Lucencia again and again.

Dragon, Dragon,

Great is your heart. Massive your body, but you are not smart. The rumble you hear and the dust in the air? I've closed the cave off and trapped you in


Hawkslayer, Hawkslayer,

Others will come. I will wait but I will not succumb. Hero you are, and incredibly sly, But the future I

know and a hero you'll die...

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