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Dragon Wars is different as it was intended to be Bard's Tale lV but that proved impossible as lnterplay no longer had the right to that title. It was changed to reflect Assyrian mythology and a dragon was added in order to make the new title fit; it is located in the dungeon just outside of the Mud Flats.


  • The main villain isn't even Interplay 's creation - he's the Assyrian deity Namtar. Even the dragon is Assyrian in design.
  • The Roar Devil also comes from Assyrian mythology - they're said to kill anything they come across.
  • Oddly, Marduk, the leader of the Assyrian gods, doesn't appear in the game. He's the god of light and as such is the direct opposite of Namtar, the god of shadow.
  • Most of the game text is actually in the manual, a form of write protection. As such, after l discovered l could not play my original copy of the game, due to the disks being too big, l was forced to keep the game with me for the past 27 years so as to protect that text.