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Vital statistics
Type Special
Effects Brings the statue of the Mad God to life.
Source Catacombs Level 3
Cost to buy 50,000
Cost to sell 25,000

The Eye is a special item guarded by the undead Witch-King Aildrek in the lowermost level of the Catacombs.


The history of the Eye is unknown. It is obviously a missing part of the statue of the Mad God and is likely made of stone. Only when the statue is "made whole" again will it come to life. Since the Eye is hidden deep in the Temple of the Mad God, in the tomb of King Aildrek, it appears that the followers of the Mad God themselves put it there for safekeeping.

The statue of the Mad God is on the third level of Baron Harkyn's Castle.


There is a cryptic foreshadowing of the Eye in the second level of the Catacombs. In one of the rooms a bodiless voice whispers, "To the tower fly, a mad one die, once lost the eye."

Though the Eye is one of the most expensive items in the game it has no powers or effects. Other than waking the statue it offers no benefit to the party.

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