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Fire Horn
Vital statistics
Type Instrument
Effects Breathes at one group

Damage 16d4

Source Found

Comes with the A Team

Cost to buy 700
Cost to sell 350

The Fire Horn is a musical instrument that can be found in the lowest level of the Sewers, in the Catacombs, or in Baron Harkyn's Castle.  It is the first instrument that can be found that can cause damage to enemies when used in combat, though in this capacity it has a limited number of uses. Each time the item is used, it has a chance to break.  As a musical instrument, it can only be equipped and used by a Bard, who can play normal Bard Songs on the horn in addition to roasting the party's enemies.

In the Remastered Trilogy, re-usable items like the Fire Horn have a random number of charges before they're expended.