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Garth's Equipment Shoppe
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Garths Equipment Shop
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Vital statistics
Type Store
Level City Street Level
Location 3 Spaces north of the Adventurers Guild
Inhabitants Garth

Garths Equipment Shoppe is the 'General Store' for the Tales of the Unknown. You can trade Items, Weapons, and Armor can be found in their appropriate sections.

Garths Shop is only open for business during the day.


"Garth is one of yesterday's almost forgotten heroes, now retired from active adventuring to supply tomorrow's would-be greats. At Garth's Shoppe characters can buy armor and weapons, sell items, have items identified, or pool all the party's gold for buying expensive items. Due to a deal with the city blacksmith, Garth has an infinite supply of basic armor and supplies. But unique items found in labyrinths, even if sold to Garth, remain in his inventory only until they are sold.

Occasionally an item won in combat will remain unidentified. This means that its general type might be apparent (e.g., shield, ring), but not which exact type (e.g., Dragon shield, Ring of Power). Garth can identify this item for you... for a price."


Garth's shop can be found two squares north of the entrance to the Adventurer's Guild in Skara Brae, to the east. While it's a short walk from the Guild to Garth's, it is theoretically possible for an unequipped party of fresh new characters to be attacked on the way to get their starter gear. If this happens, run!




Garth's has a full stock of non-magical gear, but more importantly, Garth has plenty of gold to trade you for your hand-me-downs and surplus loot from fights. Garth will keep this stuff on stock, and it can be bought back from him later if desired. Remember, though, Garth only buys items for half his normal sale price!

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