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(This page is in reference to The Bard's Tale (NES))

Garth's Equipment Shoppe

Garth runs a General Store across from the Adventure's Guild that sells basic armor, weapons, and items. With his vast experience with all types of equipment, he can identify all unknown items, for a price. Despite the rumors, Garth can sell you any item that you have previously sold to his shop, for double the price you sold it for.

For a list of all items, refer to the Items Page.


Trade: Select member to shop.

  • Buy Item: Buy from Garth's Shoppe
  • Sell Item: Sell members item to Garth
  • Identify Item: Identify members item in inventory (such as ?Armor, ?Weapon)
  • Pool Gold: member pools all gold from party.
  • Done: takes you back to Trade/Leave options.

Leave: Leave Garth's Equipment Shoppe, and out into Skara Brae.

Garth's Shoppe[]

Items Price (Gold)
Torch 6
Potion 20
Drop 14
MthrAxe 1400
Halbard 1000
Broadsword 350
ShortSword 120
Staff 20
PlateArmor 1200
ChainMail 640
LeatherArm. 400
Robes 20
RoundShield 180
Helm 200
LeatherGlvs 120
Horn 100
Harp 100
Flute 100

For a list of all items, refer to the Items Page.