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Each character has a limited number of Hit Points (listed as "HITS" and "COND" on the character reference sheet)" when a character's hit points run out, the character is dead, and must be resurrected before they can take further actions.

"Hit Points measure the damage a character can take before he is killed. The "Hits" statistic shows his potential at fullest health, rather than current status... Condition shows the character's present number of hit points. For example, if a character with 10 Hit Points is wounded for 7 hit points, his Condition will drop to 3. Another wound of 3 or more hit points will kill him. If he is fully healed, his Condition will return to the full 10 again. (Even though his Condition score changes, his Hit Points stay at 10.)"

As you can imagine, keeping your characters' hit points at a comfortable level is absolutely critical to guarantee party survival. If your hit points start to get low, it's a good idea to seek healing, either at a Temple or by using Spells or Bard Songs to replenish your hit points.

Different character classes get a different number of hit points each time they advance in level. This is further affected by the character's Constitution score - every point of CN above 14 will give the character a bonus hit point each time they advance a character level. Hit point increases by class are:

D= Dice (example: 1D6 is a 6 sided dice with an equal chance to get any number 1-6).

Status Effects[]

(Main Article: Status Effect)

Status Effects, when active, are displayed over the "HITS" column, preventing you from seeing the maximum hit points of your character while he's Withered, Poisoned, etc.