Kylearan's Amber Tower is a single level tower in Skara Brae, featured in Tales of the Unknown. The party must navigate a complex labyrinth of traps, puzzles, darkness and other obstacles before finally meeting the keeper of the tower, Kylearan himself.

Access to the Tower Edit

At first, there is only way to get past the iron gate(s) that shut off the tower from the rest of Skara Brae: The party has to defeat the statue of the Mad God in Harkyn's Castle. After that, the characters are teleported to a square right outside Kylearan's Tower. You may then choose to enter the tower or simply retreat past the iron gates, which is a one-way trip. Once the heroes are outside, they cannot enter the tower area again, except:

In Mangar's Tower, the players may stumble across an item called the Masterkey. This key does not only open the iron gate to Mangar's Tower (like the Onyx Key), but also the iron gates guarding Kylearan's Tower. There is, however, not much point in visiting Kylearan again.

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