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Mangar - Amiga
Amiga version
Vital statistics
Title Mangar the Dark
Gender Male
Race Human
Level Archmage
Location Mangar's Tower

"Death to those who would attack the mighty one!"

Mangar the Dark is the main villain of Tales of the Unknown, having locked the city of Skara Brae in eternal winter. He resides atop his tower, where the party must battle him and his minions.

The Final Battle[]

Mangar is no slouch, and has a -10 Armor Class, a base Spell Resistance of 14 (up to 21 with the variable!) 14-270 hit points, can cause Critical Hits in melee combat, can cast Restoration (and fully heal himself), and will enter battle screened by a force of 3 powerful Vampire Lords capable of draining your party's levels, and 2 fire-breathing Demon Lords capable of turning party members to Stone with their melee attacks! Mangar also likes to summon additional Demon Lords on his turns - prepare yourself for a rough fight!

Kill the Demon Lords first! They can turn you to stone if they hit you, though they may try to use a Breath Attack on you instead. It would be a very good idea to have one of your Archmages constantly casting Restoration to heal your party due to the hideous damage that will be unleashed upon you. Unfortunately, characters turned to Stone cannot be resurrected on the spot, only at a temple - they're out of the fight for good!

To finish the last battle without casualties, you'll ideally need to strike first, and strike hard, killing Mangar's minions before they can land a blow. This will mean a combination of high level and/or surviving many, many battles, or more likely some combination of both. In terms of Spell Resistance, Level 36 should be sufficient to spare you the worst of the Breath Attacks etc, but you'll also need extremely high armor class to prevail against the Demons and Vampires in melee!


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