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For the Tales of the Unknown and The Destiny Knight, the main role of the Rogue is to disarm traps while simultaneously allowing spell casters to preserve valuable spell points that would otherwise be spent on casting TRZP. The Rogue is also strictly required to beat The Thief of Fate, and is generally useful for knocking out any difficult boss who is stubbornly resistant to spells and the Hunter's attacks.


Tales of the Unknown[]

The Rogue will receive the following base stats when leveling up at the Review Board:

  • +1-8 Hit Points
  • +3-11 Disarm Skill
  • +1-8 Identify Skill
  • +3-11 Hide in Shadows Skill
  • +1 random attribute
Note: +1 Hit Point is added to the roll for each point of Constitution above 14 (e.g. 15-18). So a Rogue with +18 Con will receive a roll of +5-12 Hit Points during level up.