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Screenshot from the game on iPad

Silversword is a game for the iOS that is heavily based on the Bard's Tale series. Its website is here:

Welcome to the world of Silversword!

You miss the flavour of old style CRPGs on your mobile device? Silversword steps in the footprints of Bards Tale and Wizardry. Deep dungeons, horrid monsters and challenging puzzles await.

Main Features: 

  • English and German language available
  • 7 races to choose from, each with its own special abilities
  • 12 classes, each with its own skills, virtues and flaws
  • over 400 unique items
  • 5 different magic runes to augment and enhance your items
  • over 120 spells, songs and prayers
  • over 220 unique monsters
  • nearly 70 different maps with different styles (dungeon, overland, swamp, city etc.)
  • guilds, shops, taverns, training halls, temples and many more interesting places to be
  • integrated automap + quest log
  • day / night cycle with different effects on your magic and the surroundings
  • fast travelling services
  • countless hours of interesting gameplay
  • Game Center support with interesting and challenging achievements
  • universal app, no need to push the "2x" button on your iPad 

Expansion "Rise Of The Dragons" available through In-App-Purchase.

The game is still being enhanced and expanded, the current version is 2.4.4.

The Facebook page is