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Skara Brae is a city in the Bard's Tale universe. However, the city also appears in Origin's "Ultima"-RPGs. It was named after an archaeological site in Scotland, a prehistoric village located in the Orkney Islands. The name is of old Norse origin, meaning "the hill (-slope) of Skari".

Tales of the Unknown[]

In the first game, Tales of the Unknown, Skara Brae is a full-sized city that features many areas for the party to travel to, including a host of dungeons, taverns, healing temples and sinister guardian statues, to name a few.


The following streets make up Skara Brae:

  • Bard Blazon Street
  • Blacksmith Street
  • Blue Highway
  • Corbomite Street
  • Death Archer Street
  • Dilvish Street
  • Emerald Street
  • Fargoer Street
  • Gran Plaz
  • Grey Knife Street
  • Hawk Scabbard Street
  • Main Street
  • Marksman Street
  • Night Archer Street
  • Rakhir Street
  • Sinister Street
  • Stonework Street
  • Tempest Street
  • Trumpet Street


There are a number of locations of interest:

Dungeons & Towers[]

There are some dungeons and towers to explore:


  • Sinister street never ends...
  • The snowdrift is impassible...
  • The iron gates blocking the two towers require the Masterkey to get through, but alternate methods of egress exist...
  • Monster encounters are much more deadly (and more frequent) at night.
  • Fargoer Street seems to have been named after Brian Fargo.

The Thief of Fate[]

In The Thief of Fate, Skara Brae has been practically annihilated by Tarjan in retribution for the party liberating it in Tales of the Unknown. The explorable map has been condensed considerably, leaving only the Old Man of the Review Board, a temple of the Mad God, and a Storage Building across from the city entrance. Attempting to visit Mangar's old tower yields a dead end with the message: The feeling of evil is forboding. Sinister Street still runs eternally.

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