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A Status Effect is a condition that affects a character or monster that hinders their abilities in battle, usually caused by special attacks, spells, or traps. Status effects can drain hit points and ability scores, and usually linger until they are cured at a Temple or by magic. Examples in The Bard's Tale games include:

  • Withering [OLD] - All ability scores are reduced to 1. Can only be cured at a Temple!
  • Poison [POIS] - Hit points are slowly drained in each round of combat and while moving on the map. Can be cured at a Temple, but much more cheaply by the Conjurer spell Flesh Restore [FLRE]. If more than one character is poisoned, it's much more efficient to cast Flesh Anew [FLAN], which affects the whole party, or better still, the Magician spell Restoration [REST], which also fully restores the party's hit points.
  • Paralysis [PARA] or [STUN] - Temporarily immobilized from performing actions.
  • Insanity [NUTS] - Insanity makes you lose control of your character - in combat, he may attack the enemy, attack the party, go defensive, cast spells... When not in combat, he may initiate a Party Attack and start attacking your other characters! Can be cured at Temples, or via the Conjurer spells Flesh Restore and Flesh Anew, or by the Magician spell Restoration.
  • Possession [POSS] - Being possessed turns the character against the party: in combat, he will attack party members; when not in combat, he'll initiate a Party Attack! This can be cured at Temples, or by the Wizard Spell Dispossess [DISP].
  • Drained [DRAIN] - The character's level is reduced by one, reducing their max HP. Can only be cured at a Temple! Your character will regain all max HP but will still need to be healed.
  • Petrification [STON] - Being turned to stone effectively kills the character twice - they will drop to the bottom of the roster, and after being un-petrified they'll still be dead and need to be resurrected. Can be cured at Temples, or by the Magician spell Stone to Flesh [STON].
  • Death [DEAD] - Dead, deceased, passed away, croaked, demised, gone to a better place, circling the drain, assumed room temperature, began pushing up daisies, shuffled off this mortal coil and joined the choir eternal... whatever you call it, when a character is dead, he or she cannot act in any way. Dead characters can be revived at Temples, or via the Wizard spell Beyond Death [BEDE] - once revived, they will have only one hit point, so be sure to heal them quickly!