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In Tales of the Unknown, there is a "special" slot (marked S) at the front of the party which can only be occupied by a friendly or summoned monster. While friendly monsters may be randomly encountered within a Dungeon (first giving players the decision to Allow it to join the party or Fight it), a more reliable method to fill the Special slot is to use spells to summon a monster.

In The Destiny Knight and The Thief of Fate, there is no "special" slot reserved solely for monsters - instead, the party can be increased to seven members (the special slot is marked slot zero). However, the game manual recommends that at least one slot be reserved to allow for a summoned monster or other special member to join the party temporarily.


Having a monster in the party gives several advantages. First, being at the front of the party, summoned monsters are likely to be targeted more than other party members, making it more likely for the rest of the party to survive (especially when you start facing foes that can turn you to stone, etc).

Having a monster also means having a fourth melee attack in Combat, which can be very useful when grinding with melee to save spell points in a dungeon. This mainly is a factor in Tales of the Unknown, where you can't just make a 4th front-line fighter to fill slot zero.

While you cannot make your monsters more durable by giving them armor like your main characters, they do benefit from Persistent Spells and Bard Songs that lower armor class, etc. However, if your monster dies, you can always summon another one, assuming you have the spell points!

Real vs. Illusionary[]

While most monsters in the party are flesh and blood, either being recruited or summoned by a spell or figurine, monsters summoned by Sorcerer spells are illusionary. Illusionary monsters behave just like normal monsters, they can be disbelieved by powerful foes, instantly "killing" them and removing them from the party.

Summoning Spells by Class[]


Spell Name / Code Lvl SP Cost Monster AC HP Damage Special
Elik's Instant Wolf [INWO] 4 6 Wolf 6 10-17 4-32
Elik's Instant Ogre [INOG] 6 9 Ogre 4 8-23 6-48 BT1 & 2 only.
Elik's Instant Slayer [INSL] 7 12 Slayer Critical Strike! BT2 & 3 only.


Spell Name / Code Lvl SP


Monster AC HP Damage Special
Aker's Animated Sword [ANSW] 5 8 Joe the Sword -3 20 Disappears after combat; BT1 only.


(Note: all Sorcerer summons are illusionary!)

Spell Name / Code Lvl SP Cost Monster AC HP Damage Special
Target Dummy [TADU] 2 4 Dummy -1 1-4 n/a Disappears after combat; BT1 only.
Wind Wolf [WIWO] 3 5 Wolf 6 10-17 4-32 BT1 only.
Wind Warrior [WIWA] 4 6 Mercenary 5 8-15 3-24 In BT2 & 3, this spell is 2nd level, costs 5 SP
Wind Ogre [WIOG] 5 7 Ogre 4 8-23 6-48 In BT2 & 3, this spell is 3rd level, costs 6 SP
Wind Dragon [WIDR] 6 10 Red Dragon -6 4-132 24-192 Breath Attack; in BT2 & 3, this spell is 4th level
Wind Giant [WIGI] 7 12 Storm Giant -10 14-142 31-248 In BT2 & 3, this spell is 6th level
Wind Hero [WIHE] 7 16 Hero BT2 & 3 only.


Spell Name / Code Lvl SP Cost Monster AC HP Damage Special
Summon Dead [SUDE] 1 6 Skeleton 6 8-15 3-24 BT1 only.
Summon Dead [SUDE] 1 6 Zombie 5 12-19 5-40 BT1 only
Summon Elemental [SUEL] 1 10 BT2 & 3 only.
Lesser Summoning [LESU] 2 8 Lesser Demon -2 10-73 15-120 Wither Attack, BT1 only.
Gate [GATE] 2 BT2 only.
Summon Phantom [SUPH] 3 10 Ghoul 1 2-33 9-72 Wither Attack, BT1 only.
Summon Phantom [SUPH] 3 10 Wraith 0 10-41 11-88 Insanity Attack, BT1 only.
Prime Summoning [PRSU] 4 12 Demon -4 2-129 23-168 Insanity Attack, in BT3, this spell is Level 3, but costs 14 SP
Summon Herb [HERB] 4 13 BT2 & 3 only. In BT2, this spell is level 7, and costs 25 SP
Spell Spirit [SPSP] 6 15 BT1 only.
Greater Summoning [GRSU] 7 22 In BT2 & 3, this spell is level 6.


Some monsters can be summoned by using a Figurine item, usually found in dungeons. Figurines are one-use items, and thus disappear from your inventory once used to summon a monster. If you don't need them, they can be sold at Garth's Equipment Shoppe for a tidy sum.

Tales of the Unknown[]

Figurine Cost Monster AC HP Damage Special
Ogre 300 Ogre 4 8-23 6-24
Golem 300 Golem -3 4-67 19-76
Giant 400 War Giant -3 6-69 16-94
Samurai 500 Samurai 4 4-19 5-20
Titan 600 Titan -6 6-134 23-92
Dragon 800 Green Dragon 1 8-39 11-44 Breath Attack!
Mage 1,000 Master Wizard -5 2-129 19-73
Old Man 1,000 Old Man -10 1-256 32-128 Critical Strike!
Lich 1,200 Lich -10 14-270 24-93 Possess
Mongo 1,500 Mongo -5 14-77 21-84
Thor 2,000 Thor

The Destiny Knight[]

Figurine Cost Summons AC HP Damage Special
Slayer Slayer
Giant Giant
Ogre Ogre
Bulldozer Bulldozer
Brothers Kringle Bro
Dragon Blast Dragon
Herb Herb
Mastermage Master Mage
Van Vanquisher

The Thief of Fate[]

Figurine Cost Summons AC HP Damage Special
Brothers Kringle Bro
Death Black Death
Dozer Bulldozer
Dragon Blast Dragon
Familiar Familiar
Giant Giant
Herb Herb
Mage One-eyed Angra
Molten Molten Man
Slayer Slayer
Vanquisher Vanquisher

Multi-Use Items[]

Some items can be used multiple times to summon monsters before being expended. These items are much better for conserving limited inventory space in the party, but are limited to replicating the effects of spells, rather than summoning entirely new monsters like some Figurines do.

Tales of the Unknown

Item Type Cost Casts Notes
Galt's Flute Instrument 10,000 INWO
Spiritdrum Instrument 30,000 LESU
Ogrewand Wand 30,000 INOG
Wizwand Wand 12,000 PRSU Wizards only
Spirithelm Helmet 50,000 LESU
Sword of Pak Weapon 3,000 LESU

Baylor's Spell Bind (5th-level Wizard Spell)[]

Baylor's Spell Bind does not summon a fresh monster from the aether to serve the party, or craft an illusionary one. Instead, it is a mind-control spell that affects a monster who's attacking the party. This can be very useful if the monsters one is encountering in the dungeon are more dangerous than anything you can summon! It costs 14 spell points to cast, but does not always work...