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(This page is in reference to The Bard's Tale (NES))
Skara Brae has 4 Taverns located within the city, each with a unique rumor for no amount of gold. Those Taverns/Inn are:
  • Drawnblade - "If you want to increase the level of your power, go to the Review Council!"
  • Archmage Inn - "You can never go over the iron door. There should be a way to open it."
  • Dragonbreath - "Maybe you can go to the world of Underground if you drink some grape juice at the Scarlet Bard!"
  • Scarlet Bard - "Mangar is staying on the 5th floor of the southern tower."

They all sell Root Beer for 10 gold, and none of them sell grape juice. The Scarlet Bard Tavern is known for carrying grape juice, however, the Barkeep will invite you to the Wine Cellar to look for it yourself.