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Temples are special buildings located throughout Skara Brae, where wounded adventurers can pay to have their Hit Points instantly restored, and cure various Status Effects such as withering, poisoning, insanity... even death! It's worth noting that it is generally much cheaper to have your characters cast healing spells and then regenerate their spell points at Roscoe's Energy Emporium. However, early in the game, you may not have access to the necessary healing spells, so going to a temple may be your only option!

"Temples are divine places of resurrection and complete healing. In fact, this is the only place to cure characters who have been withered or turned to stone. A resurrected character retains all the items, gold and experience points he had before dying, but he comes to life with only 1 hit point. When he finds out how much it costs to be resurrected, he may turn over in his grave."

Temple of the Mad God[]

The only temple in Skara Brae that won't heal you for cash is the Temple of the Mad God, Tarjan. Instead, the Temple of the Mad God serves as the entrance to the Catacombs - to enter, S(peak) with the priest and tell him "Tarjan". Beware: the Catacombs can be very dangerous for low-level parties!