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The Bard
[[6-Bard| ]]
Wine, Women, and money
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction none
Status Rogue

The Bard is the games main/playable character. A smart mouthed, greedy loner who only works for a pay and is constantly berated by his omnipresent narrator. with his instrument he is able to summon creatures to fight with, or more likely for him.


From birth this troublemaker was stealing and conning his way through the world. After peeping through a dancers window at the local bar he noticed the band and immediately took a liking to music. Fashioning himself a lute he deciding to roam the world being a "Bard" and a jack of all trades. While cleaning out a cellar he came upon a rat, he was about to kill it when it spoke to him. "If you decide not to kill me I'll teach you a song that can summon me anywhere, anytime". seeing the opportunity to make a profit on scaring barmaids with the rat the two made a deal and so started The Bard's trade.


The start of the game shows The Bard about to face off with a mob of zealots, his narrator describing giving a quick summary of The Bard as a whole. But just as the battle is about to commence the narrator states that we must first look a where The Bard comes from to continue forward. We find The Bard applying his craft of swindling bar maids for meals and pleasurable nights, but an encounter with an old man with a magic song changes everything. After being given a magic pendant, The Bard soon becomes entangled in a quest to save "Princess Caleigh" from imprisonment. At first The Bard refuses, but promises of fortune and daily sexual treatment from the princess prompt him forward. The Bard learns that he must defeat four great wizards atop their towers to free the princess and receive his reward. After defeating the three of the four wizards The Bard finds himself facing both the princess and the last wizard, who explains to The Bard that Caleigh is actually a demon from hell that is the cause of all the trouble in the land and that the wizards he has been killing are the protectors of the land. It is at this point that The Bard must make one of three choices; Kill Finnoch and free Caleigh (whos turns out to really be a demon from hell), Listen to Finnoch and battle Caleigh in her demon form, or choose neither and run off to the nearest bar to party with zombies.




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