The Bard's Tale

In 2004, a new "The Bard's Tale" was published by InXile for X-Box and PS2. Apart from the name, the game has little to do with the old RPG saga. It is an action-adventure with lots of humour. Ubisoft seems to have been InXile's partner for distribution in Europe. French and German versions of the game exist. The game's Windows version was published in 2005.

Plot Edit

A nameless character called The Bard arrives at Houton, a village in a mythical version of the Orkney Islands. His sole aim is to drink alcohol, frolic around with some women and generally have a good time. Unfortunately for him, destiny has other plans for him, so he becomes a reluctant hero who explores the islands in order to face (though not necessarily fight) the evil that is bothering the land.

The game features a "birds eye view" camera setting that resembles old arcade style games, while this is useful for battling the large groups of enemies that attack The Bard regularily, it does not really suit the three dimensional style of the game very well. Some features may even go unoticed unless one knows exactly what they are looking for.

He can Summon about 16 creatures that'll help him in battles so that way the Bard won't be out numbered by Druids, Trows, or more Enemies that want to kill the Bard. The 16 creatures are his allies and they are his Tunes for him to summon. And he sometimes have a Dog on his side and it doesn't have a name but he'll be found right by a well in Houton and he'll be useful to find some little loot that he can find underground and he will help the Bard in battles. You can travel anywhere on the Map if there are available area's that are unlocked. You can buy many Weapons and Armor at the Weapons shop for stronger and better gear to fight in battles. You earn experience after you kill enemies and completing some missions. When you gain enough you can Level Up Menu and change some things at the Level Up Menu for the Bard and sometimes you'll get some Skills when you changed some points in the Level Up Menu.