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The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight is the second game in the Bard's Tale series. Programmed in 1986 by Michael Cranford, it was developed by Interplay Productions and distributed by Electronic Arts.


An evil archmage named Lagoth Zanta has taken the Destiny Wand, a powerful artifact, broken it into seven segments, and hidden them within real-time puzzle snares which, themselves, are hidden away throughout the Realm.

A party of up to seven characters must journey to each of these dungeons, face and defeat these snares, then reforge the wand and face Zanta in a final showdown.


Expanding on the concepts first explored in Tales of the Unknown, The Destiny Knight introduces advanced concepts including additional traps, more monsters to face in combat, varying ranges in combat, six cities and a wilderness, and many more dungeon levels. The text display box was enlarged slightly, with the residual spell icons moved to the top instead of to the left, allowing for more text at a time to be displayed. Additionally, monsters that joined the party could be saved to the guild and resurrected just like actual created characters.

The magic system was slightly expanded to allow for the Archmage, bringing a total of eight new spells to the game.


A wilderness area contains the six cities, plus a variety of other locations. These include:

  • Cities: (the five cities are named after Greek cities)
    • Tangramayne, the starting city
    • Ephesus
    • Philippi
    • Colosse
    • Corinth
    • Thessalonica
  • The Temple of Narn
  • The hut of the Stone Man
  • Fanskar's Castle
  • The Grey Crypt
  • The Sage's Hut
  • Various empty buildings