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"The Mad God ravaged Skara Brae
It lies in ruins unto this day
Death is assured to all who dare
Invade his domain to challenge him there.
Ancient runes have long foretold
Of a thief worth thrice his weight in gold
He moves in shadow across the land
With the fate of the world in his nimble hand."

(from the c64-packaging of Thief of Fate)

The Thief of Fate is the third and final game in the Bard's Tale series, and markedly different from the previous two in many ways.


Mangar's master, the mad god Tarjan, returned to Skara Brae and has destroyed the city. The few survivors have fled and are living in a refugee camp outside the city walls. The characters have to fight their way through the ruins of Skara Brae, the dungeons below and seven other worlds in order to find the heroes of legend and/or their artefacts so that they can challenge Tarjan himself in an epic battle.


Gameplay is basically the same as in the first two games. However, an automap function was added.

Unlike in the first two games, the player can choose the gender of his characters. This, however, has no consequences for the gameplay.

There are two new classes, which are, however, not available to the player from the start.


The Main World:

Other Worlds: The Thief of Fate was perhaps one of the first computer games ever made which had a region for each of earth, ice, nature, technology, etc.

Other NPCs[]