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Wine Cellar
Vital statistics
Type Dungeon
Level 1
Location beneath the Scarlet Bard
Inhabitants as in Skara Brae, but in larger numbers

The Scarlet Bard on Rakhir Street is the only tavern in Skara Brae where wine can be ordered. The barkeeper, however, tells people to get themselves a bottle from the cellar. As the cellar is full of monsters, he has enough sense not to go down there himself...


Wine Cellar Level 1

Sewers Level 1 (Wine Cellar Level 2)

Sewers Level 2 (Wine Cellar Level 3)

Sewers Level 3 (Wine Cellar Level 4)

"Where's the Wine?"[]

There are two areas which are described as wine cellars in the game. However, these descriptions merely add to the atmosphere; no wine bottles can be found in the game, despite the barkeeper's invitation to fetch one. Anyway, the stairs that lead down to the Sewers are much more interesting for staunch adventurers.


No non-monster NPCs can be found in this dungeon.


Monsters in the Wine Cellar's 1st level tend to be pretty much the same as those you'd encounter on the streets of Skara Brae... however, rather than one group at a time, you will likely encounter multiple groups of monsters in each encounter. Deeper below in the Sewers, you will encounter more dangerous monsters, but the loot will be better, too.

Notes & Hints[]

  • This is the starting dungeon of Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown.
  • The party must defeat a Samurai statue on Rakhir Street before reaching the "Scarlet Bard" Inn.
  • The first level (the Wine Cellar) is relatively easy compared to other dungeons, but not recommended for players under level 3 (access to first healing spells). The lower levels should not be attempted until at least level 5 (access to first group attack spells), though really, level 7 is better (access to FLRE), as some monsters in the sewers may poison unlucky characters.
  • It is recommended that the party take frequent breaks to heal damage. The following method can allow the party to fully heal for the mere cost of a Bard song, without spending gold at temples or spell points for healing:
    • (1) Initiate a "Party Attack" by pressing [P],
    • (2) Command all characters but the Bard to "Defend" [D]; have the Bard play Bard Song #4, "Badh'r Kilnfest",
    • (3) If party is not fully healed, continue combat [Y],
    • (4) Command all characters to "Defend" [D], if not fully healed, continue combat [Y] and repeat until fully healed.