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Wine Cellar level 1

The first level of the Wine Cellar starter Dungeon is pretty straightforward: a long hallway runs around the outer perimeter, with an alcove at the Southwest corner holding the stairs up makes it easy to find your way out to the streets of Skara Brae. Inside this loop, there are four general blocks of rooms... at the very center, there is a Spinner which can turn you around and confuse you. The stairs down to the Sewers are at coordinates 18 N, 7 E.


Monsters in the Wine Cellar are mostly the same as on the streets of Skara Brae. However, you will usually be dealing with multiple groups of monsters at once, and in greater numbers. This is a good place to practice group fighting strategies while dungeon grinding towards mid-level.

Prioritize killing Magicians if possible - their Wither Strike debuff can only be removed at Temples, which is expensive, and the cost rises with character level. Likewise, large groups of Barbarians can cause a lot of damage! Characters with a Spell Resistance of at least 9 should be safe from Withering, though.

Once your characters have reached 5th level, the 3rd level Conjurer and Magician spells War Strike (WAST) and Star Flare (STFL) can be extremely useful in keeping the hordes at bay! However, once you have your third level spells, you should really consider taking the stairs down into The Sewers to face greater challenges...

Hit Points AC Damage Exp Group Special Attack
Kobold 4-7 10 1-4 60 8
Hobbit 6-9 10 1-4 70 8
Gnome 2-9 9 2-8 80 8
Dwarf 6-13 9 2-8 80 8
Thief 2-9 8 2-8 80 4
Hobgoblin 4-11 8 2-8 90 8
Conjurer 2-9 9 1-4 100 4 ARFI (light damage to 1 party member)
Magician 2-9 9 1-4 100 4 WIST / Wither Strike!
Orc 6-13 7 3-12 100 8
Skeleton 8-15 6 3-12 110 4
Nomad 8-15 6 3-12 150 4
Spider 4-11 6 3-12 180 4
Mad Dog 4-11 7 2-8 180 8
Barbarian 10-17 6 4-16 200 8
Mercenary 8-15 5 3-12 220 4


Items that can be found in Chests here. Some chests have Traps.

In the first level of the Wine Cellar starter dungeon, not every chest is trapped, but those that are are trapped with a POISON NEEDLE. Therefore, one can safely open any chest by immediately attempting to D(isarm) a POISON NEEDLE trap - if it's trapped, it'll be disarmed, and if there is no trap, it will still open safely.

Armor Weapons Other Items
Buckler Dagger Torch
Tower Shield Staff Lamp
Leather Armor Mace
Chain Mail Short Sword
Scale Armor Broadsword
Plate Armor War Axe